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James Dribble #1 :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0
Fancy by GdeeeeLovr96 Fancy :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 gizmo by GdeeeeLovr96 gizmo :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 2 0 aesthetic by GdeeeeLovr96 aesthetic :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 amy by GdeeeeLovr96 amy :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 1 0 aesthetic by GdeeeeLovr96 aesthetic :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 get the hell off my stage by GdeeeeLovr96 get the hell off my stage :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 amy by GdeeeeLovr96 amy :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 2 0 amy2 by GdeeeeLovr96 amy2 :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 1 0 may by GdeeeeLovr96 may :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 1 Geedee by GdeeeeLovr96 Geedee :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 1 0 alvin by GdeeeeLovr96 alvin :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 1 0 puffin by GdeeeeLovr96 puffin :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 aesthetic by GdeeeeLovr96 aesthetic :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 Giphy Copy 5 by GdeeeeLovr96 Giphy Copy 5 :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0 Ep1 27 by GdeeeeLovr96 Ep1 27 :icongdeeeelovr96:GdeeeeLovr96 0 0


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Green Day Comix, this is one of the better looking entries for the Jeff Matika Show. I love how you incorporated digital art with the e...

I love how it is photographed. It's a good description of how the inside of the body (mostly the muscular parts). The blood brings a ni...

I Thought that the layers of snow on the grass made it more beautiful than it was and the white of the snow and the green grass contras...



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James and I are sitting alone in a dark lit room, where it’s just the two of us. James had suggested we have a little fun while we were alone. But I thought to myself, 

This is a public restaurant why here? Why now? Why can’t we be at the comfort of our home while we can have rough, yet passionate sex. 

James had convinced me to do it. So we were touching each other, while we were trying to be as quiet as we can. Before I started stroking his 7 inch package, he was already hard as a rock. He needed me, and I needed him. Our lust was becoming so strong we snuck out of the room to find a bathroom for just us so we can finish our business there. Once we got to the bathroom, he locked the door, and pushed me against the wall; where he pushed my skirt up to access my beautiful petals where James claims it’s the divine potter’s best work. I unbutton my shirt so my breasts were easily accessible for James; which made James very aroused. More aroused then he has been already. 

Baby girl, I need you right now your petals are dripping in sweet pussy juice I have been waiting for all day. Would you like me to go down on you sweetheart?

He said in a low, soft tone in his voice. I nodded; then he proceeded to eat me out in the most desirable way. He licked my vulva, he kissed my mound over and over. He grazed his tongue over my vagina.  He was just getting started. I moaned his name in pleasure the more he licked me. He was also moaning in sheer pleasure. When he was done, I undid his pants, to see how erect he was, the pre cum glistening around his thick cock, was making me aroused. 

James would you like me to suck you off?

Yes, I would love it.

So I took whatever I could into my mouth, we haven’t practiced deep throating, but maybe now was the right time to do so. Eventually I took all of him into my mouth, James petting my head saying how much of a good girl I was for taking him all in at once. Of course when he came, I swallowed his juices like a good girl. Now it was time for the best part. He slowly pushed himself inside of me, where it was a little painful yet, pleasing at the same time. As time passed on, I thought to myself, that some of the restaurant goers would they need the restroom, what if someone heard us fucking up a storm in the only bathroom the place had. But none of that matters because the pleasure James was giving me and the excitement of fucking in a public place, where we might actually get caught; was thrilling to James. Which probably got him aroused in the first place. As we were finishing up after coming in me, as we fuck raw; we got dressed, exited the bathroom with huge smirks on our faces. 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Merry Christmas to all my followers that celebrate the holiday. and Happy Holidays to those who do not celebrate Christmas outright. Hopefully 2017 will be the year I focus more on traditional drawings and art. Because my goal for the end of 2017 is to get at least 1 recent traditional drawing submitted here, and get at least my first Wreck this Journal completed and half of the second journal completed by Christmas of 2017.

Christmas La Christmas- Pikachu Santa Christmas La Christmas- Pikachu Santa Christmas La Christmas- Pikachu Santa Christmas La Christmas- Pikachu Santa Christmas La Christmas- Pikachu Santa 
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: water and diet green tea


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College Senior, per se. 23. loves Evanescence, Green Day, Blink 182, Supernatural and art. Genderfluid and sexually fluid.



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